Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kill' em all!

Every summer, I succumb to an extreme distaste of people. Yes, people in general. I sit in my high throne, slowly petting my evil looking Persian cat, and judge every single living soul that crosses my way HARSHLY. 
I guess the job helps my seasonal fixation. As the work load increases - hmm hmm, I am the one sacrificing the summer to take you to all those lovely locations, you ungrateful lout - I have to deal directly with something close to 756 passengers every working day. That makes for an unbelievably big number of rude, screaming, stressed out-of-their-minds, bordering on insane, selfish, uninformed and/or crazy people. But I will get to bitching about passengers nowadays at a later date. For now, I want to make sure that the general rudeness of people in everyday life is not just my imagination.
It's like everyone lives in a bubble. They might see the outside world, but in a distorted way, where nobody else exists, or matters. I won't even mention the lack of simple courtesies - when I let someone with less items in their basket pass in front of me in the supermarket line, they eye me like I just proposed to steal their shopping - but flat out meanness. Like a car occupying two parking spots in a busy area, because the driver can't be bothered to acknowledge the existence of other cars. Or a couple taking a 4-seats table at a restaurant, because the lady needs to place her precious handbag on an extra one, while 4 people wait in line to get a table themselves. Or the parents that let their small children run wild and bother every single living soul around, with no care in the world, because OF COURSE everyone else just has to love their little angels. Or the people who just bump into you in every single corner of the earth because they can't move an inch. Why do you have to do anything for anyone?? How preposterous... and so on so forth, in an unending stream of selfishness that is slowly driving me out of my mind.
The other day, while I was walking Boo, the dog, I noticed a couple having some car trouble by the side of the road. So I decide to go check if the local mechanic shop is still open and after confirming it, I go back to them and tell them there is in fact help available just at the end of that street. They don't even look at me, much the less thank me, and take off in the general direction I pointed. And that's it. I mean, I feel like I did my civic duty, but come on, at least a little thanks would be great. The hateful bitch in me just wishes I had let them rot in that broken car. I didn't have to interfere, I did it because I felt it was right. Why can't people be more... jeez, more open to the people around them?
And that's why I hate people. That's why it's so hard for me to go to a supermarket or any crowded place. Because I will be exposed to mindless stupidity. And I just can't take it anymore.
Let me tell you, my imaginary friend, at the end of the summer, I just feel like living in a secluded cabin in the middle of a forest. No people. No hate.

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  1. you're not alone...some people should just rot forever in their own jackass "nhack" faces
    most of the good samaritans are not welcomed for their politeness..same as you,..you never know when you bump in one of the nice ones so it's good to keep the good manners :)